1. Click: https://www.smart-trak.com/GNJUMC.aspx?code=GNJUMC  
  2. Enter a personal email which will generate an email to you to begin the process.
  3. Check your email.
  4. Follow the instructions in the email to obtain the Child Protection background check (all workers) or the Child Protection Plus (Only people requiring a Motor Vehicle Check too) Background check through Trak-1 Technologies.
  5. Remember your username and password (you will create this as you follow the steps).  This information will allow you access to your Trak-1 account at all times.
  6. Print the results from your computer and return to A Future with Hope.
  7. Questions or difficulties with log in can be handled by Trak-1 at 1-800-600-8999.
  8. Make your payment directly on the Trak-1 website ( $11.00 + $2.99 transaction fee to Trak-1 Technologies)