What a fantastic name for your organization - Hope. This is what kept us going each and every day after Sandy. May God bless every one of you! You are truly amazing!
- Homeowner, Manahawkin


Who We Are

Communities of Hope walks with communities to identify their assets and develop strategic plans for community transformation. During training, local teams develop a Hope Plan for implementation within their communities.

The United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey is committed to resourcing congregations to become apostolic leaders in their communities. A Future with Hope provides Communities of Hope training so that congregations can work with their communities to build on assets, create alliances and transform the world.

Core Competencies

  • Asset-Based Systemic Change
  • Strategic Planning
  • Social/Missional Entrepreneurship
  • Community Organizing
  • Community Economic Development
  • Strengthening Multicultural Relationships

5 Key Principles of Communities of Hope

  • Asset Based: We identify resources in the community and build on their strengths of those resources to create systemic change.
  • Reverse Learning: Participants in the training are the experts guiding their training by their participation and their contexts.
  • Social Innovation: The curriculum introduces teams to social entrepreneurship or income generating enterprises that fund the mission and vision of change.
  • Sustainable Partnership: Hope Teams are supported through eighteen months of technical assistance as they implement their Hope Plans, discern early learnings, troubleshoot challenges and evaluate impact.
  • Investment: Hope Teams are eligible for up to $2500 in seed grant funding to jump start implementation and community transformation.

Communities of Hope Resources

Communities of Hope Brochure