"Each summer, we hold a Swim-A-Thon. This year, because so many people were affected by hurricane Sandy, we decided to give to a charity that directly helps. We are very proud to donate the money raised to A Future with Hope.  On behalf of my swim team, I would love to give to you our donation of $2,193. We hope to help those still affected by hurricane Sandy and wish you continued success."
- Middletown Mariners Swim Team

We are thankful for all of the people who have supported us!

Your decision to contribute should reflect what you feel inspired to do to help provide a future with hope to those still in recovery from Superstorm Sandy.  

All contributions are welcome! The following amounts are to help guide your giving:  


Volunteer Level

(covers $20 per night stay and $100 to defray construction costs). 

We request all volunteers to make this contribution at the time of registration. If you can't volunteer, you can match our volunteer giving by making a contribution at this level.  


Enough to buy 1 gallon of paint.


Enough to provide 5 gallons of finishing paint.


Enough to install a new kitchen sink and faucet.


Enough to put a new sink, bathtub, and toilet in a bathroom.