Saturday, October 25th • 10:00am to 12:00pm
Venice Park Neighborhood of Atlantic City


Two years ago, all eyes were on New Jersey and Sandy’s devastating landfall. While that spotlight has moved on, the storm’s destruction remains and many people are still suffering. Much has been done to rebuild and recover but more is needed. When the whole community is hurting, it must come together to heal.

On October 25th, A Future With Hope will hold a special ‘Hope Chain’ event in Atlantic City to stand with residents, recovery groups, volunteers, and local officials to help focus attention on the needs of people and communities who still need help. Participants will join hands and link Venice Park United Methodist Church with work sites in the neighborhood, stretching from the church, through the community and to the home. Items that signify the relief, recovery and rebuilding process will be passed hand-to-hand along the Hope Chain. Participants will also etch chalk lines into the street and sidewalk, so that a visible link lingers after the chain disperses.

The Hope Chain will take place in the Venice Park neighborhood of Atlantic City at 10 o’clock in the morning. Venice Park is one of the hardest-hit communities as it is surrounded almost entirely by the bay. A Future With Hope and other organizations have been heavily invested in the area, and we invite participants from all local, state and national partners to join in this inter-organizational collaboration. 

Local political leaders, media representatives, and recovery groups are all encouraged to attend this day of community standing together in common purpose. Bishop Schol will give brief opening remarks and a reception will conclude the day’s events.