"Walking home, I passed five vans with Minnesota plates and thought how wonderful it is that people are willing to travel so far to lend a helping hand.  I was lucky enough to meet two of the volunteers and thank them for their service.  As I continued my walk home it occurred to me that it would be a nice story for me to photograph, not only for those who may not be aware of the help being given, but for those doing it to have a record and visual memory or their time in Highlands." 

Paul Guba, professional photographer and volunteer

Rebuilding Anthony's Home

Anthony lives in a row house in Atlantic City with his wife, two daughters, and two grandchildren.  

   June, 2013


He evacuated during the storm and came back to a home that was flooded and destroyed.  He was awarded the maximum FEMA grant but most of that money was lost when the contractor he hired took his money but did not start the work.  The photos above were taken shortly after he contacted A Future with Hope for help in June -- 8 months after the storm.  

   July, 2013


By mid July, our volunteer teams had gutted the interior so the rebuilding process could begin.  

September 2013


By September, the dry wall was up, new windows in place, and the bathroom complete.  Anthony and his family had a safe environment to live while A Future with Hope team finished the details.  

October 2013


As the year anniversary of the storm approached, the construction on Anthony's house was almost complete.  

November 2013


Finally Anthony and his family can move back into their home.