"They were so gracious in having us in their home and sharing their personal lives while we were there. I'm still wrapping my head around the idea of going through such an event...and having hundreds of strangers traipse through my life and property. When I learned on the third or fourth day that six other agencies had turned down this family's plight, all sorts of emotion went through me. I will never forget these folks."

Bruce Weaver, volunteer, Sioux City Iowa 


Week of Service

We are best equipped to handle teams of volunteers who join us for a week of service.  The link below will lead you to registration forms required for all level of volunteering:  

  • teams registering for a week of service with housing
  • teams registering for a week of service without housing 
  • teams looking for housing only 
  • special one day service programs available on a limited basis.  


    Clicking the button to the left will take you to our registration site with all registration forms required for            volunteering and housing.  



Day Opportunities

Occasionally, we have the ability to offer day or weekend work for teams.  We will make this information available at the time that it is scheduled.  Check back on the web site for updates or check our facebook page for regular updates.