"We have been selling brownies and soda on our church lawn.  We are going to send the proceeds from yesterday's sale to you to help with Hurricane Sandy relief.  We hope to have another sale next week!"
Elliott, Gabe, and Nate (ages 12 and 13)

A recovery of this size takes time, resources, and money.  

We are thankful to receive generous support from the American Red Cross, the Robin Hood Foundation, UMCOR, the Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund and the people of the United Methodist Church in New Jersey and around the world.

It will cost more than $21 million to reach our goal of rebuilding 500 homes.  We need your help to make it happen.    

On average it costs: 

  • $10,400 for construction materials for each home
  • $2,000 to $2,500 to install new kitchen cabinets 
  • $1000 to replace and install a bathroom tub and sink
  • $500 to replace both the front and back door
  • $300 to purchase and install a kitchen sink and faucet 
  • $150 for a toilet installation
  • $100 for a 5 gallon bucket of finishing paint.  




Volunteer Donations

We ask each of our volunteers to make a donation to help defray the cost of construction materials and housing.  Each volunteer is asked to contribute $20 per night to offset housing costs and $100 per week to support building materials.  

If you are volunteering with A Future with Hope you should make your donation on the registration pages so that it can be tracked directly with your registration.    

If you can't volunteer but would like to help, you can match the volunteer contribution of $220.