"Entire neighborhoods remain just as they were left by the power of the storm.  New zoning and building regulations to protect homes from future flooding require existing homes to be raised on stilts ten to fourteen feet.  This just isn’t financially or structurally feasible for some of the affected homes.  The cost of lifting a home is significant and just adds to the extensive and expensive repairs that most homes require."
Jim Nibbelink and Chris Spencer 
Desert Southwest Conference, Arizona

Superstorm Sandy 5th Anniversary Day of Prayer 



“I’m Glad To Be Home” // A Future With Hope Superstorm Sandy 5th Anniversary Story

A Future Together" A Future With Hope & AmeriCorps Collaboration


4 Years Later

Any Little Thing Helps

There is Still More Hope to Give!

Jeanne's Story Update


The House Blessing of Jim and Mary’s Home

The Blessing of the Daniel’s Home

Hope Chain
A human Hope Chain stretched across Atlantic City in October, signifying the
connection AFWH has built with the community and its committment to recovery.


Jeanne's Story
We have been following Jeanne as she demolishes her old home and replaces it
with a new one. Listen to the start of her story.


Ministry of Presence
This video from PDA discusses some of the intangible elements of volunteering


Auburn University Volunteers
Students from Auburn University talk about why they serve- check it out!



A Christmas greeting from A Future With Hope!


Calvary KUMC Spotlight Film
James from Calvary KUMC made this excellent video - check it out!



Billy's Story
Listen to Billy's story of connecting with the people who volunteered to rebuild his home


Volunteers built a playhouse for a family that has fostered over a hundred children



Spanish TV Spot
Nuestro anuncio de UMCOM, en español!



English TV Spot
Check out our UMCOM-funded TV ad, hitting the small screen this summer!



Anna's Story
Watch Anna and Charlie tell their story of loss, hope, and renewal after the storm.


Judy's Story
Judy shared with us her story of recovery and her thankfulness for the help she
received after Sandy. Watch her story here.



Service of Remembrance
On November 2, 800 people including local elected officials, volunteers,
homeowners who are working with A Future with Hope and members of
the United Methodist Church, joined us to mark the one year anniversary
of Superstorm Sandy at a Service of Remembrance and Hope.  
It was an inspiring day for all. You can view the highlights here.    


Luis's Story
Lieu lives on the "dry side" of Rte 36 in Port Monmouth. She has never
had flooding in her home before Sandy. We shared Lieu's story at our
Service of Remembrance and Hope.  


Rick's Story
On October 12, 2013, we visited Rick in Atlantic City who wanted to share his story.  


Jill's Story
Jill's mother's house in Sayreville was our first completed home.  


AFWH Volunteer Video
We like to give our volunteers an overview of the challenges facing the people most
impacted by the storm. The following is one of the videos we share each week.