"Prepare to be tired."
- volunteer comment on our host site survey

We have 14 host sites that house volunteers on a weekly basis. Most of these sites are located with one of the local United Methodist Churches, whose congregations have opened their doors to provide our volunteers with hospitality. All of the facilities are shared facilities which allow for fellowship and friendship to flourish between host sites, the local community and our volunteer teams. 


Each site provides:

  • Sleeping cots or bunk beds
  • Restrooms (including toilet paper) and showers (at some host sites, showers are located off site)
  • Kitchen facilities including appliances, coffee pots, cooking utensils, plates, silverware, cleaning supplies and most required pots and pans
  • Separate quarters for men and women

Volunteers will need to provide their own transportation to and from the host site and to and from the work site each day. Volunteers may be assigned to different work sites within the work week and volunteer teams may be split into smaller teams at different work sites.   

Host sites can accommodate between 10 and 60 people at a time. There may be more than one volunteer team assigned to a site during the week. Volunteers staying at our host sites represent people of all faiths, races, and age groups. We expect all guests to be respectful of each other and the congregations that support our host sites. Come with the expectation of sharing new experiences and leave knowing you have made a difference.