We are helping out these people so that everybody can have what they need to live their lives...  just like I have.  

youth volunteer, Houston YMCA

New Jersey has state laws and the United Methodist Church has a Safe Sanctuary policy to protect our young people.  Please respect these laws and the policy. 

Youth teams (under age 18) are accepted on a case by case basis depending on:

  • the ages of the team members,
  • the adult/youth ratio, and
  • the nature of the work available on the dates requested

All members of the team who accompany youth, are required to have a background check. Please follow instructions under Background checks.  

 We strongly recommend: 

  • all members of the team be 16 or older and
  • 1 adult member for every 5 youth members ages 16 or older. 
  • If a team has youth members under 16, we REQUIRE a ratio of 1 adult to 3 youth. 

* New Jersey state law prohibits youth under 14 to work on a construction site and we will not permit youth under 14 on our teams. 

If a youth team has both young men and women, the adult members must have the same proportion of men and women for proper supervision. 

Adult leaders of youth teams should have some construction knowledge for supervision on the work site.